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FILM: yáa at wooné

Herring Protectors created this film to share the way of life and original instructions that are rooted to the herring in Lingít Aaní. The film Yáa at Wooné: Respect for All Things takes viewers through five parts (the Herring, History, Harvest, Risk, and Ceremony) to show the importance of herring for thousands of years, the risks they currently face, and envision a way forward that centers Indigenous sovereignty and traditional ecological knowledge.

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Project created by the Herring Protectors with support from the Sustainable Southeast Partnership, Sealife Productions, Element Agency, and so many more.


Producers: Kash'eechtlaa Louise Brady (Herring Protectors), Chandler O'Connell (Herring Protectors), and the Sustainable Southeast Partnership

Directors: Kash'eechtlaa Louise Brady & Lee House (Herring Protectors)

Main Videography: Florian Graner (© Sealife Productions)
Interview footage:
Lee House (© Element Agency)

Additional Footage: Lee House, Ellie Schmidt

Editing: Lee House (© Element Agency)

Still Photography: Bethany Goodrich

Additional support: Bethany Goodrich

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