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We continue to compile this list of resources for those interested in learning more about the issue. If you have any resources that should be included, please let us know at:

Banner photo: Lee House

2021/2022 Board of Fish Comment
and Proposal Guides


Our step-by-step guide on how to make your comment to the Board of Fish (Due 12/22/21)

BOF_Proposal Guide-01_edited.jpg

Our guide to the 2021 herring proposals, and that which we support and oppose.

Herring Film

Photo: Lee House

Film: Yáa at Wooné

Our film "Yáa at Wooné: Respect for All Things" shows the importance of herring for thousands of years, the risks they currently face, and envisions a way forward that centers Indigenous sovereignty and traditional ecological knowledge.

The State of Our Herring

Central Council of Tlingit & Haida
Virtual Native Issues Forum 2021

This virtual round-table discussion from last spring, featuring Kh'asheechtlaa Louise Brady, Yéilk' Vivian Mork, Yanshkaowoo Harvey Kitka, and Yaaw Tlein Peter Bradley, is an introductory primer on the issue.

Tom Thornton, Madonna Moss, et al.

Important academic work establishing that the herring fishery is being managed in a depleted status and affirming the extraordinary cultural/nutritive/ecosystem importance of herring since time immemorial.

There have been three major publications from this work:

1. Herring Synthesis “Final Report”

2. The Distribution of Subsistence Herring Eggs from Sitka Sound, Alaska

3. Herring and People of the North Pacific - Sustaining a Keystone Species

Sitka Tribe Of Alaska VS. Alaska Department of Fish and Game

A general explanation of the ongoing legal action by Sitka Tribe of Alaska against ADFG regarding subsistence and herring use.

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1997 Board of Fisheries Herring
Testimonies (Audio)

This page contains public testimony on Sitka/Southeast Alaska herring from Board of Fisheries tapes held by Alaska State Archives.

Video: Gáax'w ka Haaw

Herring Eggs & Branches
Sealaska Heritage Institute

Filmmakers Ellie Schmidt and Lee House document the 2019 subsistence harvest of herring roe on hemlock branches in Sitka Sound.

Academic Papers
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