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We have a lot of projects that we are passionate about. From ceremonies to protests, art, advocacy, and films, all of these initiatives are born out of a passion for protecting the herring and celebrating our relationship to them.

Herring Ceremony

Photo: Bethany Goodrich

Our annual herring gathering and ceremony held in the spring celebrating the herring and all of our relations to them.

Banner photo: Caitlin Blaisdell

With Indigenous artists and many hours of volunteer-work and production, we've been creating new at.óow (ceremonial objects) for the Kiks.adí Clan in honor of the herring.

Herring Ceremony

Photo: Caitlin Blaisdell

Herring Film

Photo: Lee House

Our film "Yáa at Wooné: Respect for All Things" shows the importance of herring for thousands of years, the risks they currently face, and envisions a way forward that centers Indigenous sovereignty and traditional ecological knowledge.

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