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Allyship Commitments

How can you show up?

The Herring Protectors community is made up of Indigenous leaders and their allies. As allies, we are invited to support and uphold this movement’s work. This invitation is an honor and a responsibility for us to show up with empathy, humility, and dedication. 

As allies, we accept that the decolonization of Lingít Aaní means the revitalization of Indigenous sovereignty: the inherent autonomy and self-determination of the people who have stewarded this land since time immemorial. Revitalization of Indigenous sovereignty requires an end to settler domination of life, lands, and peoples. The decisions of how humans interact with this land and the life here are rightfully those of the Lingít.

  • We will take on and address the problems of colonialism as our own, without remove or distance.

  • We will not claim allyship ourselves; our allyship is defined by the people we seek to ally with. 

  • We will not leverage our allyship for personal or professional benefit. Our allyship is not a commodity to be traded. Our work, energy, and respect is brought to this space with no expectation of a transaction. 

  • We will hold each other accountable so that Indigenous communities don't have to do so; our education and healing is up to us. We will engage not only in social justice education,  but will also learn to uphold and celebrate Lingít Kusteeyí. 

  • We will transfer the benefits of our privilege to those who lack it, as people within communities that maintain and benefit from colonization. 

  • We will commit ourselves to this work beyond a hobby or trend, but as the work one must do to live on stolen land. 

  • We will not replicate or maintain any form of oppression including but not limited to racism, sexism, transphobia, and ableism.

  • If we are honored to be adopted by any Indigenous groups, it does not come with any special rights, it comes with responsibilities. We will not use our gifted name or kinship relationships without permission or outside of ceremony. We will not represent or speak for any group, Indigenous or otherwise.  

  • We will build a healthy culture of resistance, accountability, sustenance, and joy.

The Herring Protectors are motivated and excited to create community with all who want to commit to these efforts. We take joy in one another and in the ongoing work of protecting the yaaw. 

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